Thursday, March 19, 2009

Parent's Night

Tonight was parent's night. So Ginger and I went to the school to observe the kids doing some school work. Catherine was very diligent in doing some work and even showed us how to divide 3608 by 8 (of course we're not allowed to call it dividing, we have to refer to it as "sharing", and I can't use the term minus, I have to use the phrase "take away"). Catherine also showed us how many of the states in the US she knows (apparently she's been promised she can out for ice cream once she learns all of them).

So while Catherine was working the entire night I hesitate to call what I observed Quinn doing work. He did at least three different activities through the night. One was the cube, where he basically played with the blocks. Then there was putting together sticks into polygons and naming them, which he was doing until him and one of his friends decided to create the biggest polygon they could by combining all the sticks together and making a track. Finally there was a the section where he was suppose to be drawing scenes that represent different aspects of plants, but instead he decided to add to his drawing of new Star Wars characters (that's some of the scenes he's created below).

So after this I explained to Catherine that apparently it was all going to be on her to support Ginger and myself in our old age.

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