Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catherine's Last Day Of Ice Skating

Today was Catherine's final ice skating day. So I made sure I was there to see the progress she's made. I have to admit I'm stunned by how good she's gotten compared to that first day where she was falling down all the time.

She's now able to run along with the pack as they race along playing football or just trying to play a rousing game of tag with me being the person that's it. Which when there's five to eight kids chasing you it's harder to avoid them than you might think (and even harder not to run them over when you can't avoid them).

Saldy none of the pictures that Ginger took of me Catherine out on the ice turned out too good. I did manage to capture some video of Catherine doing a lap around the rink (which I may try and put up at some point, but will probably be insanely boring for most people).

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