Sunday, March 08, 2009

Catherine Gets One More Birthday Event

Ginger and the kids came home early on Sunday because we had scheduled time for Catherine to get her one last birthday hurrah in. We had set up a special time for Amanda to be able to come over and celebrate Catherine's birthday. So we let the kids go to Build-A-Bear (or Spend-Some-Money as I like to call it).

It was just Catherine, Amanda and Quinn. Catherine and Quinn quickly ended up picking one of the top tier of cost animals (a black lab that can hold a smaller black lab in it's mouth).

Just getting the most expensive animal wasn't enough though. They had to outfit them also. I think they ended up spending more on the outfits than they did the animals themselves.

The girls of course had to buy underwear for their animals. Ken pointed out that the underwear for the animals was actually more expensive that underwear for the kids themselves.

Then there was the naming of the animals. Amanda's brown bunny was named Brownie. Quinn's black lab was named Collary (because, you know, it had a collar). Catherine's black lab was named Snowball (I mentioned it was a black lab, right?).

Afterward the kids came back to our place and played outside for a bit with their new animals. I did unfortunately notice as I was pulling pictures off the camera today that all the pictures I've taken over the past week have been taken with the bracketing mode set. So a lot of my pictures didn't turn out so well. I suppose it's a good thing I take so many, so I have at least some that are usable.

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