Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ice Body Of Skating Lies

I got a report from Ginger today that Catherine can now ice skate for a while on just one leg. Too bad Ginger didn't take a camera with her. If only in the future she would take a camera. Maybe next time before she goes I'll mention to her that she should take a camera. Anyway, it seems like Catherine has really taken to the whole ice skating thing. The couple of times I've gone to see her ice skate she has a group of friends that she ends up skating around with, so at this point I don't think she really needs for me to be there.

On a completely different subject, I got to watch the movie Body Of Lies last week. This movie stars Leonardo Decaprio and Russel Crowe. At a high level it's about how the CIA functions and positions it's operatives, one in particular (played by Decaprio), around the globe. It also serves as an examination of policy decisions that drive the CIA as an organization, such as do you acquire information via technological means and sift through that or do you have to have operatives on the ground that know the area and the people. It's pretty apparent from the film how they feel that decision should be made. It also casts the American intelligence community, or at least the one higher up person (Crowe) they show representing it, in a fairly negative light. It's a film by Ridley Scott, so just knowing that you can already expect it to be a bit on the preachy side. It's an okay movie, nothing spectacular in my mind. The most interesting aspect to me was seeing how low tech methodology could outwit and defeat high tech toys. I think it's more interesting as a springboard for discussion on policy direction more than anything else though. My personal opinion is if you skip this, you won't be any worse for wear as it's a decidedly average to less than average film in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, the acting is fine for the most part (if you like Decaprio) and the actual filming seems to be top notch, but the story is a bit weak and as I mentioned seems to have been produced to promote an agenda.

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GingerF said...

I'm confused, do you want pictures of ice skating or not? I am not sure I actually HAVE a camera :-)