Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Guess Christmas Is Really Over

While Nana was up she brought some modeling clay / PVC projects for the kids to work with. They made some little figures and what not and then fired them in the oven.

And since this is the first weekend we've really had where the whole family has been here and not been distracted with other events, we decided it was finally time to take down the Christmas tree. This is without a doubt the latest we've ever kept it up before. Although my point was if we just waited a little longer we could claim we had it up for a Christmas in July event. Then after that maybe we just never take it down.

Catherine's new pajamas make her like Dieter, the Mike Myers character from that old SNL skit he did called Sprockets. So I was trying to get her to repeat lines from that skit like "Now is the time on Sprockets vhen ve dance." Everything was fine till I had her repeat the "Touch my monkey" line and then I heard a loud "JAMES!" coming from Ginger in the kitchen (and that was the end of that). I'm thinking this skit might not have been as popular as I remember since this caused me to go searching for video clips of it and I didn't turn anything up.

And since Nana hadn't been around for previous celebrations Catherine got to blow out candles one more time (and get some more presents I might add).

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