Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Role Models

I watched Role Models the other night. This movie is crude. It's inappropriate at times. Possibly even slightly politically incorrect. It's down there with stuff like Superbad, but with a bit of gratuitous nudity thrown in. Having said that, this movie is also really funny. Maybe it's Paul Rudd. These days I seem to like most of the stuff he does. I don't know, but it's funny and mostly unapologetic. I know there's a love story subplot in this movie, but they're not fooling anyone. This is much more of a guy movie than it is a chick flick. The plot is pretty weak, two guys get in trouble and to keep from going to jail they have to sign up for 150 hours of community service at Sturdy Wings, which for all intents and purposes is Big Brother (given some of the stuff that happens in the movie they probably were legally required to use something other than Big Brother since I doubt that organization wanted to have their name associated with the movie). From there it basically turns into the two guys and crazy hijinks they get into with their assigned kids. The movie isn't for the easily offended, but I found it highly entertaining.

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