Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Games On The Way

Amazon was having a sale on games. And since I got a gift certificate to Amazon for my birthday I loaded up. I got de Blob (which is a puzzle game that I've heard good things about and wanted for a while) and Wario Land Shake It. Those were my "big ticket" items. Then I picked up 3 more games that were around $10 a piece: Sega Superstar Tennis, Spider-Man 3 and Mercury Revolution. I don't really know anything about those games except they were pretty cheap (actually, I've heard nothing good at all about Spider-Man 3, but one of these days I'll realize life is too short to be spending it playing bad games). A couple of the games (de Blob and the Sega Tennis) are multiplayer, so I'm hoping those will be fun for all of us to play. They had We Love Golf on sale also, but I know the kids don't like golf, so the only way I would ever play that one is online with Barry or something, which from his blog sounds like he's not going to have any free play time anytime in the near future.

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