Thursday, March 05, 2009

How Long Till It Ends?

Quinn seemed to have some issues at ice skating today according to Ginger. He basically had a small meltdown after he was the first one caught playing sharks and minnows. He's probably still just overly tired and hasn't caught up on the sleep he missed from the weekend. Anyone know how long until we no longer have to deal with these type of meltdowns? I mean he's almost eight, I would have thought at this point we would be well past this type of behavior (obviously I would also be wrong). Ginger didn't get any pictures of him ice skating, so I included one I took out back on Monday while the ground was still pristine before we started sledding and walking all over it. Check out that tree shadow over on the left. Either the ground is incredibly uneven or that tree is a bit on the crooked side.

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