Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Time Like The Present

So that storm actually dumped a fair amount of snow on us. You can see from the above shot about how deep it was initially. I'm not completely convinced it was that deep though. The snow wasn't what you would call good packing snow, so I suspect because of that a lot was coming off the roof and landing on the chair.

I like this photo a lot. There's no image manipulation done at all (save for tweaking contrast a bit). But the untouched snow in the background completely eradicates anything distinguishable.

The kids didn't care about any of that though, they just wanted to go sledding. Luckily the tube made for a decent sled even over the loose snow, but they would still need a push to get started sometimes.

The trick was to eventually get a path going that didn't end at a tree. Each successive run down the hill flattened the path a little more and enabled them to go a bit farther. They ended up skirting by one of the trees really close eventually, but I wasn't too worried since I'm not sure they were ever going fast enough to cause any damage if they had hit it. I consider it a life lesson: Don't hit the tree.

Ginger took some video of the event. I don't think there was anything worth posting though.

The bright outdoors conditions made it semi ideal for getting some decent shots.

I got this one of Ginger and Dobie as they were watching a truck plow our cul-de-sac. I was more than a bit surprised we got plowed this early. Normally the plow trucks don't get to our road until well after all the other roads are plowed. Since I haven't been out driving today I can only assume this means other roads are in semi decent condition though, so I suspect there's little to no chance the kids will have off tomorrow.

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that's a beautiful last shot...