Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who Gets The Car? I Get The Car!

So lately one of the things that's been talked about around the house is the concept of a last will and testament. I know, not exactly what you would call light conversation, but you work with what you've got. Anyway, ignoring for a brief moment the reason behind why the topic came up, the kids quickly steered the conversation to being all about them. Basically it became them asking who gets what if Ginger and I were to pass away. The big ticket item wasn't the house (which is what I was expecting), but rather Ginger's car. Both kids are adamant that they should get the car. In fact, no one wanted my car, they both were just fighting over who would get Ginger's. I believe mine was too dirty to want(although mine's been a lot cleaner lately than any car I've had in the past). Then they started basically calling dibs on everything else. Catherine claimed all of Ginger's jewelry. Quinn decided he would get all my comic books. The one bright spot was they decided to actually share the Wii. I have to say it feels a bit weird them having these conversations while we're still here. On the other hand I guess it lets us know what they consider important (and that would be Ginger's stuff for the most part).

The photo is another leftover from the snow a while back so no one panic thinking another winter storm is coming through.

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