Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't Do That, You'll Die!

We had lunch today with Ben. We were already planning on having lunch out today to celebrate Ginger's birthday (she's old now (just kidding dear)), so the timing was right. We met Ben at the restaurant, and as we were driving there Ginger made the comment that she was hungry enough to eat a horse. Catherine quickly piped up at this comment and said "Don't do that, you'll die!" After a bit of prodding on why she thought that she informed us that's what happened to the old woman who ate a horse, she died. A bit more prodding got us to the fact that the lady ate the horse after she had eaten and a cow, a goat, a dog, a cat, a bird, a spider and a originally a fly. So we promised Catherine Ginger wouldn't eat a horse. But it was a learning experience, because I told them the morale of the story was if you swallow a fly, just don't worry about it.

So at lunch we got to hear Ben tell us about how he proposed (ask him about the lady they asked to take their picture, hilarious) and after that we came back home and played the Wii for a bit till Ben had to take off.

Today's pictures are supplied by Catherine and Quinn. Catherine took the ones above. Quinn decided he didn't like the flash on the camera and as taking his pictures (below) without a flash, so they're what you might refer to as on the blurry side.

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