Monday, March 23, 2009

Ghost Town

Since Ginger's busy all the time working on preparing slide shows for the upcoming school auction, that's left little time to watch movies. So we wheeled a TV into Ginger's office and watched Ghost Town while she was working. And despite the fact that I was almost traumatized by how small the TV we watched it on was (it was a mere 20 inch television set), I enjoyed the movie. The premise is pretty simple. It's a romantic comedy version of The Sixth Sense (there's something you probably never thought you would see someone try). They have Ricky Gervais playing the main character Bentram Pincus. I have to believe Gervais was adlibing a lot of his lines, because the things he says at time are exactly what you would expect to hear him say if you watched the show Extras (this was especially true when he was filling out the questionnaire at the hospital). After he briefly dies during a routine surgery he can suddenly see the dead and from there the hijinks ensue. Overall the movie is pretty funny. Gervais is fun to watch as always. And as an extra bonus those people that watch the Daily Show get to see Aasif Mandvi in another serious role (the other two people besides myself that saw him in Jericho raise your hands).

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