Monday, March 09, 2009

Kids Plus One

One of the Mom's at the kid's school (who is also a friend of Ginger) has had a family emergency and has to go deal with an ailing parent overseas. This means that for the foreseeable future we'll be having her daughter Antoinette come by after school and hanging out until her Dad can come by and pick her up. Catherine is thrilled since Antoinette is one of her best friends. Quinn is excited also, but not thrilled since this means there's a definite chromosome imbalance at the house.

And I know a while back I said there were no pictures of me on my actual birthday, but I was mistaken, I found a batch of hidden pictures on the camera. Unfortunately all the pictures suffered from the same problem of having been taken while in bracketing mode, I also found I had taken some all of us together as a family but none of the normal exposure ones were any good.


wtfree3 said...

And I thought you were setting yourself up for saying in a self-depracating manner that the birthday pictures suffered from the same problem - they were pictures of you. So much for going for the humor.

And for the record, I have no clue what a bracketing setting is on a photo or why that is a bad thing to suffer from.

JamesF said...

Exposure bracketing tells your camera to change the EV setting on subsequent shots.

A negative EV setting tells the camera to underexpose the picture. A positive EV setting tells the camera to try and overexpose the picture. If you're taking pictures inside this results really dark pictures (negative setting) or very blurry pictures (positive setting). You usually bracket by odd numbers (3, 5 or 7). So only 1 out of N pictures will be taken at the setting the camera thinks it should be taken at.

When using a tripod to take shots I'll often set the camera into bracketing mode and fire off a bunch of shots. The problem is I forget I've set the camera in this mode and leave it there and then when taking normal everyday pictures they end up potentially being over or under exposed.