Saturday, January 31, 2009

Probably The Last Sledding For A While

Ginger and Catherine attended a dance recital today (not participating, just viewing). So while they were gone Quinn and I did did some activities. Like we tried sledding down the hill out back. There's not much left to sled down, but what's there is ice, so you can actually get some speed going down the hill.

Given how patchy it is back there now though, I can't see being able to pull off sledding again until we get another batch of snow.

Once we were done outside we came inside and we watched some more of the Star Wars (the original Episode 4 theatrical version). I've obviously enhanced the movie in my mind from when I first saw it, because the theatrical version isn't all that great (special effects wise anyway). I did want Quinn to see the theatrical version though, since we all know Han shot first! We didn't get all the way through it before Ginger and Catherine returned though so we still have a bit left to watch of it (Vader and Obi Wan had just run into each other at the time we had to quit).

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