Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ginger and I watched Numb on Netflix instant view last night. It was another movie starring Matthew Perry. After Birds Of America (another Matthew Perry vehicle on Netflix's Instant View which was terrible) we really should have learned. Probably the fact that the movie was on Instant View should have been a clue (although we've had at least one movie that was decent that we've watched via the Instant View). The movie deals with the main character Hudson (Perry) who suffers from Depersonalization (which apparently is a real thing). The fact that this disorder isn't well known means they have to spend a lot of time explaining it. And even when they do since it isn't well known it's hard to really understand the implications of the disorder. The disorder is describe as not feeling connected and as if you're watching your life played out in a movie. Which then I start thinking, I'm watching a movie about a guy who feels like he's watching his life through a movie, so is he feeling what I'm feeling watching the movie? And if so, no wonder he's so depressed. After all is said and done it just ends up being another unfunny dark drama starring former Friends funny man Matthew Perry (emphasis on unfunny). The movie is labeled as being a romantic comedy, but there aren't a lot of laughs to be had, but there are a couple chuckles with one Hudson's psychiatrists. Overall not that great a movie and another one to avoid.


BullBunky said...

Hmmmm, it sounds to me like Netflix Instant View is drawing from the same set of movies I see by the checkout lines in Safeway. A list of forgotten films with a star you know but before (or after) their fame. Or straight-to-DVD sequals cleverly packaged to LOOK appealing.

Anonymous said...

I love this movie, and it's a shame you so utterly dismiss Matthew Perry because I found him wonderful and moving in it. Numb may have gone straight to DVD but both the movie and Matthew as its star deserve better. Oh well.