Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rock Star On The Ice

Quinn was still sick today, so no school for him. Unfortunately that meant either Ginger or myself needed to stay home with him while the other took Catherine to ice skating. I drew the short straw and got to stay with Quinn while Ginger got to go witness Catherine's first foray out onto the ice. I was more than a bit bummed since I had really wanted to be there to help Catherine if she needed any assistance, and I wanted to be able to see her first time out too. This was her first time ice skating ever so she started out in the beginner's class.

Apparently the fact I wasn't there to help her didn't matter in the slightest since it appears she did just fine without me. In fact, while at home I got the following email from Ginger from the rink:
Our daughter is a rock star on the ice. She moved to the advanced class.

I got to watch the video Ginger took once they got home, and I have to say for her very first time on the ice I think she did really well. I still remember Quinn's first time out and how he struggled just to stand up and here she is skating around the rink on her own already. Her and one other girl in the beginner class were moved into the more advanced class.

That's not to say she's flawless. I would say after watching the video she's probably the weakest kid in the advanced class (which considering this was her first time ever ice skating doesn't overly surprise me). And there were still lots of times on the video where I saw her taking spills. I saw lots and lots of arms flailing in order to maintain balance (must to the detriment of those around her sometimes). In general I'm very impressed with how well she did considering this was her first outing. If I had to guess I would think the couple of times she's used her rollerblades probably helped a lot in preparing her for this.

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