Friday, January 09, 2009

RIP Atlantis

Catherine seemed to be doing better today. No throwing up or anything. She stayed at home though and watched videos all day (sometimes watching the same one over and over and over again).

Tonight was also the series finale of Atlantis. It was a fun show. Never taking itself too seriously and still managing to turn in stories that were better than average. The only bad thing was it felt like the ending / cancellation caught the team by surprise and they've been scrambling to tie up all the loose plot threads in a hurry. The final episode felt rushed and they tried to squeeze in face time for too many people. It also had a lot of tidbits that have become trademarks of the show. Like John goes on a suicide mission that doesn't result in him dying. Or Ronon is super skilled at fighting unless the plot requires him to get taken out in one hit. And my favorite one, people make decisions to save the lives of small group of people at the potential detriment of millions of others. So basically normal sci-fi fare. At the end though everything was wrapped up and a nice little bow was put on it. It's too bad the show is gone as there simply aren't enough good sci-fi shows on the air anymore. I am looking forward to Dollhouse.

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