Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This Can't Be Good

Tonight was not a fun night. Catherine went to bed complaining that her stomach hurt. Then around 10 PM while Ginger and I were watching season 2 of MI-5 we hear the call "MOMMMMMIE!!!" After heading up stairs we saw Catherine had thrown up. A lot. More than I thought was capable of being in a child so small. Ginger cleaned up Catherine and switched sheets while I had to take care of the old sheets. Ugh. I almost threw up myself cleaning stuff up. Luckily she had managed to miss most of her stuff animals. And later she told us "I feel better now." Good to know.

Unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. Catherine ended up throwing up several more times through the night. Once she was able to use the bucket, but the other time she didn't and ended up going through another set of sheets and she managed to tag her stuff animals (Hello Kitty, say hello to Mr Washing Machine).


wtfree3 said...

Boy, you guys are slow on catching on with this fun one. This one ran through Will and Kellie about a week before Christmas, then hit my parents and sister (who was in town) through Christmas. Somehow, the twins never got it.

Be careful, though. You and Ginger could very well get it. It went from Will to Kellie about 2 days apart, and it went from my Mom to my Dad to my sister on three consecutive days (one got better, the next got sick).

Seeing that it is now the weekend, I hope you've avoided it by now.

CAPT_Sawyer said...

Two words - Hand Sanitizer. About a week ago Loren threw up at school and Cheryl had issues at the other end and every time I touched anything they touched I slathered on the sanitizer. Never caught anything.