Saturday, January 24, 2009

To Richmond!

After yesterday's bad news today became a quick road trip down to St Francis Medical Center in Richmond to check in on Ginger's grandmother.

Neither kid seemed to mind the several hour car drive down to Richmond. Quinn saw the trip as an opportunity to test out his new camera.

The kids took down some drawings they made and those got plastered on the walls of Grandmaw's room.

The kids hung out in the lobby a fair amount of the time watching the TV they have out there. We also had a portable DVD player on hand and we had brought Tom and Jerry for them to watch.

As you might expect, I was ever vigilant in keeping watch over the kids in the lobby. I'm not sure where the photo up above came from.

After a quick trip out to eat lunch it was back to the hospital for a bit. Then after that we went to Grammy's house briefly to have a quick bite to eat and then we were heading home. About halfway back Ginger insisted on taking on the driving duties. We were in such a hurry leaving from home that morning that I forgot my wallet. That meant I didn't have my driver's license with me. I was pretty sure driving without it wasn't that big of a deal (it's not like I don't have a license, I just didn't have it on my person). Ginger didn't want to risk it, and because she had looked it up on the internet using her iPhone she was pretty sure the answer was that if someone else was available to drive with a license they should.

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