Friday, January 02, 2009

Ringing In The New Year

Nothing really to report over the past couple of days. Nana has been up, but I have no pictures of that and don't have access at the moment to her photos, so this shot (that I had already posted elsewhere) will have to do. I will say this picture looks drastically different on my CRT monitors and the laptop's monitor than it does on Ginger's LCD monitor. On her monitor it looks overly saturated or something. I'm guessing we haven't tweaked her setting appropriately or something. I could believe that since the picture of the kids that was in this year's batch of cards looked pretty dark when we got the actual photos, but when Ginger ordered them the picture on her looked fine. Which maybe means her brightness is up too high? I don't know, anyone else have a guess?

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dashrb said...

most screens (and tv's) are shipped with brightness and color saturation turned up too high because humans think it looks good (think, "oooh, Shiny!!"). You need some real color calibration/balancing hardware to examine your screen, and help you make measurements, if you want it to be realistic. Of course, that's all really expensive gear so none of us has it.

Of course at that point, you can't play any video games or watch horror movies because proper lighting is apparently outlawed for those situations. On the positive side, with an excessively dark (and scary) picture, you won't see the bad guys coming, so no one will notice that your slow ass machine can't paint enough frames per second to look good anyway.