Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party

Ginger's on the mend, but was still running a mild fever for part of the day. The problem was Catherine had a birthday party to attend today at Chuck E. Cheese, and she really wanted Ginger to be the one to take her. To be fair Quinn wanted Ginger to take her too since that meant if it was just me and him maybe he could watch Star Wars or try and he could try to convince me to play video games with him. But Ginger was still feeling a bit dizzy when it came time to leave, so we ended up compromising. I ended up driving them to the event and Ginger went in with her. This meant Quinn didn't get to hang out with me at home, but he brought his DS so we hung out at a local McDonald's and he played his new Lego Star Wars game on that for most of the time they were at the party.

We waited around for about 20 minutes after the party was suppose to be over and Ginger and Catherine weren't coming out. So we went in after them. Catherine still had tokens to spend, so we divided up the left over tokens between Quinn and Catherine and finally got to leave. Catherine was enamored with this one machine that would basically take a picture of print it out in the form of a pencil sketch. She did this like four times by herself, then convinced Quinn to do it once alone and once again with her. Now we have Quinn asking when we can go back. Too bad it's not a safe place for Catherine to eat, otherwise we probably would go there more often.

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