Sunday, February 01, 2009

To Richmond! Again!

Another weekend that means another trip to Richmond to visit Ginger's grandmother. She's been moved from the hospital into an assisted living facility that can help her with physical therapy and stuff. She looked better to my untrained eye. Still nowhere near her old self, but definitely better than the previous weekend. Unfortunately there's not a lot of room in the facility so there's no place for the kids to hang out except in her room (which she's currently sharing). This meant I had to take the kids and head back to Grammy and Pop Pop's house while Ginger and Grammy stayed with Grandmaw.

Because we had to stop by the store to by stuff for lunch, and then I had to cook it once we got there it meant Ginger and Grammy got back not too long after lunch was over. The trip actually allowed us to multitask a bit too since it was Pop Pop's birthday weekend. The kids gave him some new pajamas (they have some game between them where apparently the kids hide his pajamas or something, I don't know all the details, but I've been told the gift is hysterical). We ended up leaving not too long after the mini birthday celebration for Pop Pop (which because of all the other stuff going on there wasn't even a cake with candles).

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