Monday, January 12, 2009

Daddy Taxi

Monday was mostly uneventful. Catherine returned to school and seemed to be fine for the most part (which is good, because her first day ice skating is tomorrow). However, Ginger was unwell for most of the day though to the point where I thought maybe she had gotten what Catherine had, but apparently she just had a horrific migraine that was making her nauseous. This meant I got the play the part of Daddy Taxi and go get the kids after school and then take Catherine to her dance class. And to keep Ginger from having to cook we went out to eat at Ledo Pizza for dinner.

UPDATE: Remember how I said the day was pretty much uneventful? So as I was working really late trying to 1) get my monthly report done (which I wasn't able to finish earlier because I was taxi'ing the kids around) and 2) trying to get to my email at work after they migrated me to a new server. I finally finished working around 2 am. As I was heading upstairs to prepare for bed I noticed Quinn was up and walking around. When I went upstairs to investigate it turned out he was up because he had woken up with a stomach ache and had thrown up (luckily he didn't throw up in the bed and had made it to a trash can, or "The bucket" as the kids refer to it). Quinn was still in pretty good spirits, explaining how it had happened and "reenacting" it for me (thanks Quinn), so we thought maybe it was something from dinner that disagreed with him. This thought pretty much left as Quinn then proceeded to get up and throw up just about every hour afterward until 6 AM (making it so that Ginger and I got very little sleep that night). At this point I have to believe he's acquired whatever it was that Catherine had. I find it hard to believe he got it from Catherine though, since that would imply the incubation period is about four or five days (which seems long to me). More than likely it's something going around the school and he picked it up from someone there (but that still implies either an under a day (if he got it from someone on Monday morning) incubation or a three plus day (if he got it from someone on Friday).

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Barry said...

ugh. Hope you squash the bug!