Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mystery Of The Flat Tire

We got a small snow dusting last night. Not enough to cause any problems, but enough to get the kids excited about the possibility of snow. Unfortunately my car also had a flat tire this morning. And it wasn't just low on air either either. It was really flat. So I took the kids to school in Ginger's car and then returned home and looked over the tire. I couldn't see a nail or anything, so I filled it up with air. Then I wait a bit to make sure it wasn't going to immediately deflate and drove to a local service station to try and get it plugged. And then after a lot more waiting than I would have liked they came out and told me they couldn't find any leak or any foreign object in it tire). Great, so my morning got killed for no good reason (and I got to pay the service station for the pleasure) and to top it off I still have no explanation as to how my tire got deflated. Co-workers have suggested it was the #$*&# kids from around the neighborhood. Which I suppose is a possibility, but seems highly unlikely since we don't really know any #$*&# kids nor have we had any problems like this in the past. No other explanations really seem to make sense though (unless I was subconsciously trying to get out of going to work and did it while sleep walking at night, but one would think with the sub freezing temperatures I would have woken up or something). Any one else have any ideas on what could have happened? At this point I'm thinking aliens don't sound too far fetched.

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