Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Good

Today should have been a good day, one in which during dinner we all chuckled as Quinn regaled us with a story of how he had poopy gas at school during gym and every time he did a jumping jack he had a little gas come out (it was funnier to hear him tell it with sound effects). But unfortunately we got a spot of bad news today. Turns out Ginger's grandmother after having gone through a series of tests earlier in the day fell out of her bed at home and had to be taken to the hospital. The bad news is she has a fractured neck. The only spot of good news in all this is she isn't paralyzed and can still move everything which the doctors said is nothing short of a miracle considering where the fracture occurred and even more amazing when you consider she refused to have an ambulance come get her and moved herself to the car to get to the hospital.

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gaz said...

man that's bad news - i hope she's doing ok.