Friday, January 16, 2009

Springbok Is Evil

So Ginger went to bed last night not feeling well and this morning woke up with the full blown flu symptoms. This meant another short day at work for me as I had to take the kids to school, head over later in the morning and take Quinn and one of his classmates to deliver food to the Lamb Center and then head back in the afternoon to pick the kids up after school. So basically today was a pretty short work day.

The pictures above are of a puzzle Ginger bought. I think she hates me. I don't even like puzzles. They're a horrible time sink. And yet if one is out I get sucked into working on it and then can't stop. This one I ended up working on for many more hours than I would care to admit. It has 2000 pieces and is basically a bunch of blobs of color so it was almost impossible to look for a specific pattern. And Springbok has this thing where they have pieces that fit together in, well, I can't think of anyway to say it other than it's non traditional connections so sometimes it's not even remotely obvious what piece shape you're looking for. Ginger got it over the Christmas break because she thought I "needed a challenge". Also because Springbok was having a half off sale and they apparently never put Springbok stuff on sale. Although with the economy the way it is, I suspect many things that never used to go on sale will suddenly be on sale. The annoying thing is when the sale price becomes the real price. And by that I mean there's a retail price, but the item is never on sale at the retail price and always "on sale".

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