Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quinn Back In School And Ice Skating

Quinn returned to school today, just in time for his class' first ice skating trip this year. Quinn hasn't really started eating at his old rate yet, but we figured he was probably good enough to return to school, plus he's been looking forward to ice skating for a really long time now. He did end up taking a bit of a spill and hurting his shoulder / wrist, but it occurred because he was trying to jump over lines on the ice, so it's not exactly unexpected that something like that is going to happen with him doing things like that. Since I've already missed a fair amount of work this year, I didn't bother going to see him skating, but sent Ginger as my photographer stand in. Consider how fast he moves on the ice though this is the best picture she got. All the others are blurry or obscured.

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