Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cautiously Optimistic

I've gotten really behind on the blog. Part of the reason is this post. I wasn't sure what to say. It's a big day. We got a new Prez sworn in. It feels like a truly monumentally big deal. I realize 43% of the country thinks we've made a horrible mistake, but I would say 57% felt like the country was on path that wasn't consistent with the values we as a nation purport to extol.

I had to work today. Even if I hadn't been working I can't imagine myself heading down to view the event in person. It's something I might think about doing, but just can't see myself actually doing. However, I did head down to our lobby at work which has a TV in it just before noon to watch the festivities. Imagine my surprise when the lobby was filled with others who had the same idea. Apparently I'm not the only one that feels like this is a big event.

The speech was filled with lofty rhetoric. And it focused a bit more on race than I would have thought it would, but I can see why it did since the whole issue of race at this point is the elephant in the room. I was also surprised at how some lines in the speech seemed to echo those of the previous administration, but they seemed to be balanced with a promise of of a change of direction at the same time. I also thought it was a bit rude of CBS to cut to a shot of Bush when Obama uttered the line about how as a nation "we reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals." It's a great line. And I think it would have stood really well on it's own. So was it really necessary to cut to Bush? Was there anyone that didn't know what he was saying without shoving it in our face?

Overall it's the first time I can ever recall where I went out of my way to watch the inauguration. I've become a bit jaded with the idea of any politician holding to their ideals. But this time... Well, this time let's just say I am currently filled with cautious optimism about the future. Do I agree with Obama on everything? No, but I agree with a lot of what of what seem to be his ideas for what he thinks the country should be doing. Here's hoping we get to see that Change we were promised.

The kids had the day off from school. And Ginger let them watch some of the festivities on TV. Above you can see the event as rendered by Catherine. And no, I don't know why exactly that she wrote her name backwards. I asked her about it, but she didn't tell me why.

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