Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Save The Economy

Apparently Obama can save the economy and get people buying stuff single handedly. He doesn't even need to do anything. Apparently anything with Obama on it at this point is as good as printing money. Marvel Comics even got in on the action with a completely gratuitous appearance by Obama in a five page backup story in Amazing Spider-Man 583.

Frankly this was nothing more than a publicity stunt and a money grab as far as I can see. The worst part about it? It worked. Amazing Spider-Man 583 has been out for just over a week or so and it's already on it's fourth printing. Evidently the nation is just clamoring to see an artistic depiction of the new President in a comic book. And get this, the cover up above, the one with Obama actually on it isn't even the normal cover. That's one the comic dealer had to order a specific number of the regular issue before they could order that one. So this means if the demand is for the Obama cover then comic shop dealers have to order a ton of the regular issue which isn't going to have nearly the demand as the variant cover with Obama on it. And ignoring the blatantly inappropriate terrorist first bump Obama gives Spider-Man there at the end, what's up with Spider-Man's head in that last frame? It looks like the Spider-Man mask over top of a fleshless skull.


Willy C said...

so i take it you DON'T like the issue?

JamesF said...

I don't know. I didn't actually read it. I'm still boycotting Spider-Man due to the marriage erasing deal with the devil fiasco.