Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another 20 Questions One

Today was Catherine's turn at 20 questions on the way to work. She stumped me good.

JamesF: Is it alive?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Is it taller than me?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Is it taller than Dobie?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Hmmm, so it's smaller than Dobie. Do we pass it on the way to school?

Catherine: No.

I will interject that I apparently made a tragic mistake at this point in assuming the size. Also, the reason I ask about passing it on the way to school is Catherine has a habit of picking something she sees, so I sometimes try and take advantage of that.

JamesF: Is it in our neighborhood?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Have you ever seen it?

Catherine: No?

JamesF: Have I ever seen it?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Wow. Ok. Hmmm. Is it something you use?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Is it in the United States?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Is it on the Earth?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Is it something in outer space?

Catherine: No.

JamesF: Ok, not on the Earth, not something in outer space, is it in the Earth?

Catherine: Ummm, I think so.

JamesF: Ok, so we have something smaller than Dobie, that we've never seen, that isn't used, that is inside the Earth.

Quinn: I know what it is. It's Lava.

Catherine: It's not Lava.

JamesF: I want to say a rock or something, but that doesn't seem right, especially since you might have seen those.

About five more minutes go by as Quinn and I discuss possibilities and discard them. Finally we get to school and neither of us have come up with an answer.

Catherine: Do you give up?

JamesF: Yes, I give up. I have no clue what it is.

Catherine: It's Valentine's Day.

JamesF: But it was in the.. Ok , you got me.

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