Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And Now It's Ice

So a small layer of the snow melted, and then it rained a bit and that in combination with the sub freezing temperatures turned yesterday's snow into a nice thin layer of ice. So schools were closed once again. The kids never really made it outside today, but I went out and wandered around taking some pictures of the ice.

While I was wandering around outside I got to see the family of deer that sometimes go through our yard. They stayed well away from me though and were always too far away to be photographed (and strangely when I started making my way towards them the crunching ice sound startled them and they bolted).

Since I know how much Ginger hates driving when there's ice I went ahead and worked from home. Today though I did manage to get a full day's work done in spite of the kids constant interruptions.

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