Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Kid's Last Hurrah With Will

My cousin Will stopped by for a visit today. Will was recently accepted to an art school out in San Francisco and will be heading out there later this month, so this was the last time the kids would get a chance to see him for a while (probably Christmas at the earliest). We were originally going to go to the zoo, but it constantly seemed to be threatening rain most of the afternoon so we ended up not going and eventually ended up playing some more Mario Kart for the Wii. Quinn ate almost off the dried peaches yesterday playing, and today he and Catherine almost polished off an entire container of dried bananas. So the bribing to play is definitely working.

I will add that years ago when my cousins Will and Jo Beth were young tykes I used to torture them mercilessly. The one thing that used to strike fear into their hearts was when I threatened to use "The Claw" on them (Jo still mentions how much it annoyed her to this day). The Claw was just squeezing a bit on both sides of the back of their neck, but for some reason kids really react when you do it with their necks tensing up and their head arching back. I'm proud to say that Will is keeping the family tradition alive by inflicting it upon Quinn.

Shortly after Will left for home this evening I also took off. You see Ginger once again "volunteered" me to help set up the stage for the kid's school opera which is later this week. Set creation went much smoother than setup last year. One of the guys this year prebuilt most of the stuff and had predrilled holes, so it was just a matter of setting it up and putting the tarp on versus creating the set on site like last year. And just like last year I was the odd man out of the setup crew. All these other guys are professional or semi professional carpenters and then there's me. With no power tools of my own or anything. So once again I most of the lifting / moving tasks. And I got the climb the ladder and staple on the tarp tasks which I shared with one of the guy's thirteen year old kid.

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