Saturday, May 24, 2008

Viva Vienna 2008

Today we met up wit Ken and Amanda to go to the Viva Vienna celebration. It's basically a mini carnival in the middle of Vienna. We've gone to this with the kids for the past couple of years now and the kids always seem to have a blast and it let's me take a crap load of pictures.

The only bad thing about this time was that we were there during the day, so the non kid picture taking opportunities aren't are all they could be. And when you add in the fact that for the better part of the morning the kids didn't have sunscreen (and neither did Ginger or myself) then there are definite negatives to going during the day.

I think we're at the point where the kids are soon going to be too old to really enjoy some of the rides. A lot of the rides are designed with younger kids in mind, so on some of them I would think the kids might get a bit bored. But even though I personally thought they were too old for some of the rides this year, they both seemed to have a blast running around to the various rides (even what I would call the very young kiddie rides). This year we splurged and both the kids the unlimited ride wristbands. I think we just barely ended up having that be worth it since I think the break even point was 12 rides and both kids went on about 15 rides.

Catherine and Amanda were inseparable most of the day. They even started referring to themselves as sisters. The downside of this was that Quinn got a bit excluded from their constant planning, but he seemed happy enough to be able to run off and do his own at times.

As an added benefit the model train exhibit in Vienna was open. And this year in addition to having a Thomas the Tank Engine model train on the tracks they also had James and Gordon. All the kids really seemed to get excited by that.

A couple of the rides required an adult to be present with them. So Ginger ended up going up in the ferris wheel while Ken took the kids on the scrambler. We eventually ended up leaving for home around five. The kids were completely wiped. I think the combination of getting up a little early, the constant running around all day and the heat got them good and tired. I know the mild sunburn I got ended up making me feel wiped out too (although that also could have been from lack of any significant sleep).

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