Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good German Terrible Movie

This movie pretty much killed my George Clooney man crush. I mean I sort of get what they were trying to do. The thing I don't get is why they felt they had to do it. The Good German is a story set just after WW II when they were still hunting down Nazis for war crimes. I would try to describe some of the plot, but really there's no point. It's convoluted and very contrived how everyone's stories just happen to interweave. To make matters worse it's been shot as if it was really film back in the 50s. It's grainy black and white with some of the most unrealistic backgrounds I've ever seen. I can only assume all this was intentional to mimic some older "classic" films, but honestly, I can't see why you would want to do a film like that in this day and age. The story alone isn't good enough to carry the film, and I don't have a lot of nostalgia for old style in which older films were shot. To make matters worse the narration of the story keeps changing throughout the movie. I'm not sure I can think of any redeeming thing about this film. Maybe if I was a lover of old school films this might appeal to me, but there this underlying assumption that old school movies are better than their current counterparts. Now we can sit and debate on whether things are too formulaic now (I personally think they are) or whether movies now are for people with ADD in how fast they move things along and how much they try and squeeze in, but I have to admit that comparing films now to the older ones, I prefer the newer films. Who knows, maybe I'm part of the problem because I can't appreciate the slower older films, but in my mind at some of the newer films have got the entertainment factor ramped way up. And if I have to choose between the formulaic generic action popcorn flick of the summer versus The Good German, the generic action flick is going to win every time.

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