Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Birthday That Keeps On Giving

They had the birthday recognition ceremony for Quinn at his school today. So I took off from work and met Ginger there. I wasn't entirely sure it was worth it since it the whole ordeal was pretty short, but I think Quinn really appreciated the fact that Ginger and I showed up, so from that point of view it was more than worth it.

And tonight at home we let him open some more presents (we've been spreading them out so he doesn't get present overload on one day). He got some more Lego stuff that he seemed really excited about. In fact, even though we told him after opening presents it was going to be time to go get ready for bed he still tried every method he could think of to try and cajole his way into being able to start building some of the Lego items.

I still haven't figured out when I'm going to give him the other Wii game I got for him which was Spider-Man: Friend or Foe. I got it because it has two player co-op and I'm hoping it will be like Lego Star Wars where the two of us can play through missions together. Plus it's Spider-Man.

This was a ceramic car that Catherine made for Quinn. Catherine has a problem giving gifts since she kept telling Quinn what it was he was opening before he would open it. Luckily she only knew what a couple of the presents were, so she didn't spoil too much for Quinn. Catherine also gave Quinn a Jeff Gordon collector's edition car. Which is no longer a collector's item since we had to immediately remove it from the package and start playing with it.

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