Monday, May 12, 2008

Quinn Retrospective

I figured since it was recently Quinn's birthday I would put together a collection of photos from around the time of his birthday for each year. I guess the photo above would be year 0.

I immediately ran into problems with my plan. Since I didn't want to scan in any pictures, I limited myself to digital photos. Here's the problem, I didn't take a lot of digital photos back then, so the digital point of view I go from six month to almost 18 months with no digital shots in between. So because of that the photo above is him on Halloween at around 18 months.

This was taken when we were at the beach. We just happened to be on vacation at the beach during his second birthday.

This was year three. As you can see his love of cars has kicked in and apparently he's a hippy. Seriously son, get a haircut (and a job, but start with the haircut).

We had his fourth birthday party at a McDonald's. It was near the Montessori school he was attending at the time and was attended by a bunch of his classmates and friends.

With as many pictures as I seem to take you wouldn't think finding one of him during any particular time would be that tough. That would be an incorrect assumption though. With the glare on off the door this isn't exactly what I would call a great shot, but it's one of the few I have within the right time frame.

This is from his party in Richmond last year.

Finally a shot from his party at home this year.

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