Thursday, May 29, 2008

And They Said It Wouldn't Last

Ginger and I have been married for thirteen years now. Honestly, it feels like it's been longer. And I don't say that as some mean spirited joke, although I could see how one might think that was where I was going, but rather I can barely even remember not being married. And sure, a large part of that might be because I'm over 40 and I tend to forget things, but .... Wait, what were we talking about? Oh, right, being married. Looks like taking pictures of photos at night in the dark with a flash just isn't the way to go here to reproduce these wedding shots. I may try redoing these at some point over the weekend or something (I suppose I could try breaking out my scanner).

So how did I celebrate our anniversary? I went all out and stopped by KFC and got a couple biscuits and popcorn chicken. Who says romance is dead? Actually the biscuits and chicken were for the kids because my lovely wife Ginger had already prepared a meal of scallops and pasta for the two of us.

So you're saying, I'm sure you bought her a fabulous gift. Well, not exactly. What are you suppose to get for thirteen? I mean we already have a black cat that pees where she shouldn't. So I ended up getting her a hard drive for her Mac and I'm planning on getting her a decent flat screen monitor also. Ginger also bought herself a new pair of sunglasses (which I'm sure will show up in photos sometime soon). I know, it just makes your quiver with how romantic these gifts are, doesn't it? Just so everyone knows, one of the gifts I got from her was an optical mouse (which trust me I really needed since I constantly move the one I have back and forth between the laptop and my computer downstairs).

And how could I improve on all this you ask? Well, the very next morning as I took the kids to school I accidentally locked Ginger out of the house. I was really tired and on auto pilot and locked the door as I was going out and Ginger was outside buckling the kids into the car, obviously there was no reason for me to lock the door at that point, it was just habit I suppose. Apparently Ginger waited outside for almost half an hour because she was positive I was going to realize what I had done and come back home (spoiler: I didn't). I mean, had I realized what I had done I wouldn't have done it, so there was no way I was going to just suddenly recall what I did. Eventually she had to start knocking on the doors of neighbors to find someone home so she could call me at work (Ginger said the woman who eventually let her use the phone seemed skeptical of her story, obviously this woman has never met me before). It wouldn't have been that bad except Ginger was suppose to meet Misty (one of the moms from the kid's school) for breakfast and was late because of me. I tried saying I was sorry to Misty when Ginger was explaining things to her on the phone, but our story was so unbelievable that Misty thought we had made the story up and that we were "being lovebirds".


Barry said...

any of your neighbors have your spare key?

Barry said...

oh and congrats on luck 13.

JamesF said...

Ha. No, no key with the neighbors. And there was no phone in the garage (but there will be soon I suspect). We barely know our neighbors. We're terrible in that we don't socialize that much.

wtfree3 said...

I suggest getting a magnetic key case for storing in some hidden location in the garage. Of course, in a location you can still reach, just not easily found. It's worked for some people. Your home improvement store should carry something like it.

And congrats with the wedding anniversary. You did better than me with Kellie's 40th birthday (no cake, had to cancel lunch plans, because of work).

gaz said...

happy anniversary to you both.