Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Topic Roundup

This past weekend Catherine had one of the worst outbreaks of eczema I think I've ever seen her have. She looked terrible. So today Ginger took her to the doctor. The doctor didn't prescribe any new medicine though and told us it was possible it was an outbreak due to the presence of something new that she might be allergic to (like a perfume or something). It's at least starting to clear up now, so whatever it was she was exposed to sometime last Friday seems to wearing off.

Quinn's has been practicing at school for the Thursday night's opera performance. He's a penguin, a snake and an understudy for another role. Although he's already informed us that he hopes Aaron is there the night of the opera because he doesn't want to do Aaron's role.

Since I've pointed out before I don't quite get the exercise I used to, I've been seriously considering getting Wii Fit. I'm not sure it would actually help overly much, but I figure at the same time it can't really hurt.

A good while back Ginger and I watched the movie Waitress. While I typically try and shy away from total chick flicks I figured I would give this one a shot because it had Nathan Fillion in it and I've liked most of the stuff he's been in before (the fact that FOX canceled Firefly prematurely still fills me with rage). Ginger is more of a Keri Russel fan than I am (I think she owns all the Felicity DVDs, but let's be real, she owns those more for Scott Speedman than she does for Keri Russel). Anyway, Waitress is a story about Jenna who lives in what appears to be generic small town USA set in a non descriptive location and indeterminate time period. The title comes from the fact that Jenna works as a waitress at Joe's diner where she makes pies. Jenna is in a non healthy / abusive marriage to Earl. She's determined to leave her husband, but gets pregnant and ends up falling for and having an affair with Nathan Fillion (her gynecologist who also happens to be married). Not exactly what you would call a family values film. However, they write the story such that you're rooting for Keri's character despite her actions. The movie never really seems to get a grasp on what type of movie it is. There are attempts at drama, romance, and even comedy. But the movies gets into the situation where it tries to do everything but ends up doing nothing very well. Jenna's hopes for leaving her marriage hinge on a pie contest that would pay 25 thousand dollars. The pie contest side plot really goes nowhere though. The diner where Jenna works is owned by Old Joe, played by Sheriff Andy Taylor / Matlock / Andy Griffith. Truth be told Old Joe is the best thing in the movie and steals every scene he's in. Sadly he's only in a handful of scenes which means that overall I really didn't care for the movie.

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Kim said...

We got a Wii Fit this week. It is fun and harder at times than it seems. My kids have had fun playing with it - the balancing games are difficult.