Saturday, May 03, 2008

Quinn's Birthday Parties Begin

On Saturday we also had a mini birthday party in Richmond for Quinn this weekend. Sadly Grandmaw was still in the hospital so she couldn't make it (although they're expecting her to come home Monday, so that's good news I suppose). In addition to it being us and Ginger's family Nana was there for the party also.

The cake was made by Ginger and Catherine helped decorate it. Specifically Catherine did the spider web and Quinn's name. I will point out that what I found amusing was that well after the fact that no one seemed to notice Quinn's name was spelled wrong until I pointed it out.

He ended up getting a lot of good stuff. I'm a bit concerned about the number of Nintendo DS games he now has since we don't even really let him play video games that often. I say this knowing full well what Ginger and I bought him for his birthday (but I rationalize what we bought him as being something I can bribe him with to try new food).

After the party Quinn organized an outdoor activity of playing with some croquet equipment. I'm not even going to dignify whatever game and rules they were using by calling it croquet, because it bore no resemblance to the game of croquet as I know it, but they were using the equipment.

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