Friday, May 23, 2008

Wii Be Fit

We got the Wii Fit. It wasn't easy. Since earlier in the week I decided I wanted to get it, Ginger's response was something along the lines of "You have to wait until 2 days before it's released to decide you want it? You couldn't have decided that sometime in the past month when I've been offered to pre-buy it about three different times?" Ok, so she's got a point and I should have made that decision a tad earlier.

It was released to the general public on the 21st, and everywhere we checked in the area was sold out. It seems Wii Fit is shaping up to be quite popular. Ginger checked a bunch of local stores, and eventually called down to Richmond to have Grammy be on the lookout for it, but it sounded like a lot of the stores there were sold out also. So I had the bright idea to call Nana and have her check in Waynesboro. Having grown up there I know for a fact that people there aren't typically what you would call early adopters. And luckily for us I was right. Turns out the Wal-Mart in Waynesboro still had five of them left. So Nana bought it and brought it to us when she came up to see Quinn in his opera performance on Thursday.

After playing around with it a bit last night, I've discovered that according to the Wii I am not overweight. I am however pretty darn close. The Wii labels overweight are having a Body Mass Index of 25 or greater. I slide in at 24.87 just under the wire. Now I'm pretty sure this isn't a completely accurate BMI measurement, but it's probably close, which means I really am just on the edge.

I set my trainer to be the female trainer. Before I get too much grief I did initially pick the guy trainer, but he didn't sound macho enough since I was expecting him to sound something like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but instead the guy's voice creeped me out a bit. So I went with the female instructor (and Ginger rolled her eyes), then when given the option during the exercises I viewed the instructor from the back (and Ginger rolled her even more). I was actually surprised at how difficult some of the strength training exercises were given the low number of reps I had to do. My initial impression is that it may actually help me get back in shape, but I'm not convinced it will yet.

The games that come with it are pretty amusing. I like the skiing, even though I'm not that good at it. And on the body test the first day I got my Wii Age to be 32, but then today I completely botched the stability test and ended up with a Wii Age of 58.

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