Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Biker Chick

Remember about three weeks ago when I said we had Catherine trying to ride her bike without training wheels? And that I would try and post a video of it at some point. It was a long time coming, but that time is here. I finally cleaned up some space on my desktop computer and was able to create the movie. Although even with 8 Gig free, movie maker was still dog slow and page swapping like mad (I fear that Windows got cranky when the free space on the drive dropped to 300 MB at one point and it may have messed up the OS permanently). As I said back when we did this with Catherine, she didn't take to it quite as easily as Quinn did. With Quinn literally we took his wheels off and he was going. With Catherine it's become apparent she's been depending on the training wheels to keep her from tipping over. Now in her defense she is two years younger than Quinn, and Quinn probably should have had his training wheels off a long time ago. But Catherine has had a really hard time learning that she has to balance herself and that if she starts leaning to a side nothing is going to stop her. She did manage to make it work a couple times. But for some reason she would do her best balancing when she was going uphill (there's an ever so slight incline in our cul de sac that increases as you go from left to right from the video's perspective). I will also say I totally cheated and mixed up the order her runs. I show progressively better runs in the video, but truthfully the outcome of any one attempt didn't necessarily imply the next attempt would be better. Still, she got a couple good runs in and I'm hoping we have some time in the coming weekend to try again so she can practice some more. Quinn on the other hand is old hat at it now. I was going to post some video of his progress, but there's really no need since when he's riding it doesn't look like he has any problems at all.

Figured I would throw in some bonus Catherine shots.


Barry said...

Nice job Catherine.

gaz said...

way to go catherine. man, she picked that up in no time.