Friday, May 30, 2008

The Way Way Wayback Machine

This is yet another photo of a photo. I took this one while I was in Waynesboro for Will's going away party on Memorial Day. Personally I'm not seeing the resemblance (see photo below for comparison purposes). I'm pretty sure my Uncle Frank took the original photo ages ago because back then he was really into photography. I guess he still is, but he's also trapped in the stone age and is only reluctantly going digital. If you'll remember he sold me his D200 because he didn't know how to use it (after having owned it for over a year), so I was more than a bit surprised this past weekend when we were there and I saw he had gone out and gotten the D300. I tried to convince him to sell me the D300 for a couple hundred, but he wouldn't go for it.


Barry said...

I thought it was a picture of Quinn!

Amber said...

Me too!