Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's Been Five Weeks? Seems Shorter

Well, it's been about five weeks since anyone here has been sick, so I guess we were due. Quinn's showing what appears to be flu type symptoms. So he's not feeling too good at all right now. Catherine's also coughing a bit, but doesn't seem to be getting to the point of what Quinn has, but we'll probably know whether she's going to get out of this one unscathed by tomorrow. I suppose we should have seen this coming because in retrospect it makes a lot of sense now why Quinn wanted to leave ice skating early yesterday, he was probably feeling the initial onset of the bug.

Once we knew he had the flu, I stopped by the store thinking I could buy Tamiflu, but found out at the store that you need a prescription for it (D'oh!). I'm really hoping I don't get this, but I'm been more tired than usual, so I'm probably a carrier if nothing else. Since I couldn't buy the Tamiflu, I ended up getting something over the counter called Airborne. I was surprised, I was expecting the stuff to taste like complete crap, but the lemon-lime version is actually not too bad.

And it wouldn't be the flu unless there was at least one throw up incident. He's only thrown up the one time so far, so that's good I suppose. The bad part is it was right after "dinner" and in his bed, because anywhere else might have been simpler to clean up. And I quoted dinner since he really didn't eat anything and was just clingy with Ginger throughout dinner.

Quinn getting all this extra attention means that Catherine has been really jealous. She was basically acting out trying to get attention from the moment I got home. She still has trouble with the whole concept that she doesn't get all the attention when someone else is sick. Since Ginger was comforting Quinn during dinner, I tried to entertain Catherine and make her realize that we still loved her even though she wasn't getting all the attention from us.


-r said...

Hope everyone feels better soon.

gaz. arrggg! said...

you may already do this, i don't know - but one thing we like to do is get the 'well' child to make a card or draw a picture for their ill sibling. in an attempt to draw a little compassion out of them. sometimes it works really well and they then go on to make sure the patient has a drink, their favourite toy or a pillow or even read/tell them a story. you get the idea. get well soon little man, and here's hoping the rest of you don't come down with it.