Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Bit Of Nasty Weather

Got some snow today. Schools were open normally, but then closed early. Probably because halfway through the day the snow turned to sleet and the roads started getting pretty icy. I personally had no problems driving in it since I grew up driving in much worse. No ice skating report today as that activity was canceled due to, well, due to ice (go figure).

On the way home I decided to get my car reinspected. Amazingly enough, there was no line at the station. It worked out well for me since I only had one day left to get my reinspection done (they actually didn't even make me pay the dollar). I think they probably were trying to get rid of me and get home themselves because I'm not even sure they did anything other than look to see I had new tires and slap the new sticker on the car. Not that I'm complaining.

Forecasts are currently calling for the sleet to continue with us getting about a quarter to three-fourths of an inch of ice by tomorrow morning. My guess is schools will be closed, but they haven't closed them yet. I also foresee myself working from home some tomorrow versus trying to drive into work if it's that icy. Doesn't like it's suppose to stop though until later tomorrow night. Which is a shame, since that means probably no sledding, which would have been a lot of fun on the ice.

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BullBunky said...

I miss snow :)