Monday, February 19, 2007

Who Needs A Sled?

We finally heard from Quinn this morning. He didn't even call us yesterday. He evidently had a pretty exciting day going to the circus and then watching highlights from the Daytona 500. Not sure how the grandparents forgot to have him call to say goodnight, but they apologized profusely for the oversight this morning. Quinn talked to Catherine for a bit and it really brightened her day and she kept telling us how Quinn had talked to her (she apparently really likes her brother and I think she misses him a bit too).

Since the kids had no school and Quinn was down in Richmond, Ginger took Catherine on a special outing today. They visited a pottery making place where Catherine got to make some pottery. I heard Catherine also convinced Ginger to take her by the toy store that's near the pottery place also. We also held some presents in reserve for Catherine to open so she wouldn't overdose on presents this past weekend (shhh, don't tell Catherine, but I think we have one more present left for tomorrow). Catherine is now to the point where she has about as much Playmobil stuff as Quinn does Thomas stuff and NASCAR items (which is to say I think she has too many of them).

And here's the video of our ice sliding (not sledding) from the past week. And yes, I know it looks like I'm copying Barry since he just did a ice sledding video and the background music is the same as what he used in his video. What's the difference between his video and mine? Aside from mine being longer and probably more boring, not much except that no sleds were used in the making of my video. Seriously though, this is a long video clocking in at over four minutes. Watch at your own risk.

And last (and least) I have another picture from the snow last week.


gaz. arrggg! said...

excellent video chief - looks like loads of fun. my boys enjoyed watching you guys sliding around.

and a happy birthday to your little girl from all the way over here.

The Dogfather said...


We need more B&N adventures!

Feliz Cumpleanos Chiquita Fitz!