Friday, February 16, 2007

Play Date

Not much new to report today. Gretchen brought Autumn and Tyler over for a play date today since the kids weren't in school. I think this may have been the first time the kids have had a play date during the week (although there may have been a time when Ginger watched one of the kids from school for a couple hours, so that may have counted as a play date, not sure). Apparently Ginger didn't take any pictures of the event so I can't share anything (she claims she doesn't take pictures just to vex me).

Funny story I forgot to mention yesterday (at least I found it funny, obviously you can form your own opinions). I'll preface this with we've been having problems recently with Catherine not actually doing what she's told. It's nothing too serious, but basically direct disobedience that I think is being done to test her boundaries. Since we had all been couped up in the house for a bit now I think everyone was on edge. While we were eating dinner last night, Catherine kept misbehaving a bit (basically getting down out of her chair and wandering around the kitchen). Ginger told not to do it again several times until she gave her an ultimatum not to do it again or she would be in trouble. And then sure enough not two minutes later she got out of her chair again. The back breaking straw was while Catherine was getting out of her chair Ginger kept telling her to get back into the chair and Catherine just flat out ignored her. Ginger had pretty much had it with her at that point and took Catherine upstairs for a serious talking to about listening and obeying.

After they left I turned to Quinn and I told him "Listen, if Mom tells you to do something, you do it. No talking back. No attitude. I don't care if it's something you don't want to do or you're doing something else, you do exactly what she says and don't give her any grief. She is not in a good mood."

Quinn thought a bit about what I said, looked over at me and said "I think Mom needs a nap." I just about lost it.

And I meant to mention this a while back, but I forgot. My cousin Will has gotten himself his own website for his business. Feel free to go check it out for all your air brushing / painting needs. It's called Marz Artistry (I don't know where the name comes from).

And finally, a couple more shots from Tuesday when it snowed.

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