Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy VD Day

First off Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. The good news is that it didn't sleet / snow all day long today like they were calling for the night before. The bad news is that it sleeted long enough during the night that the roads were pretty bad. From what I was able to tell this morning the sleet wouldn't stick to stuff, it just fell to the ground. So stuff like trees or our roof have very little snow and ice on them, but it all bounced off and piled up on the ground. This explains why there was a foot and a half high mound of snow / ice right outside the garage door (Ginger's standing on it in the picture to the right to give you a feel for how high it was). That just made shoveling the driveway that much more difficult.

The kids came out while I was shoveling. Ginger wouldn't let us go sledding down the hill behind the house. She was afraid with all the ice we wouldn't be able to stop and we would run into a tree or something. On the positive side since there was a sheet of ice on top of everything, they were able to sled in the front yard even though the slope of the ground is very slight.

It probably took me a little more than two hours to clear the driveway, and I still don't think it was completely cleared. When I was clearing it I threw snow into recycling bins and then stacked those up as mini forts for the kids. They both got into one of the forts and started launching snowballs at each other. I was just about exhausted after finishing the driveway. I must be really out of shape. Although lifting up packed snow and making forts that were more than just one level probably didn't help me any. Afterwards I tried taking a couple of artsy shots, but I don't think I got anything too good. I may post of the other ones later throughout the week.


gaz. arrggg! said...

tell Ginger that not everyone could pull off wearing a hat like that!
i like the last pic m8 - it's cool... get it?

Scott said...

Happy "VD" Day? I'm sure you mean Valentines Day, not venereal disease, but isn't "VD Day" redundant?

Cool that you got the drip on the last photo.