Friday, February 23, 2007

Preparing For The Party

I felt much much better today in case anyone was wondering. Enough about me though, today Ginger and the kids spent a lot of time preparing for Catherine's party tomorrow. Tomorrow is her party that kids from her school will be attending. So today Quinn and Catherine worked on the goody bags and Ginger did all sorts of baking. And before you ask, I don't know why exactly Catherine was wearing a dress over top of the outfit she already had on.

Ginger spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing for tomorrow. Now when I got home I saw all these cupcakes, and in a moment of weakness I ate one (you can see the wrapper over on the right) and you would have thought I just caused World War III or something. Ginger got all over my case about how she had exactly the right number for the people attending. Now looking at all of those cupcakes, I asked her how many people did she think was attending. That didn't do anything to make her less upset. And then telling her that some of those must be for me tomorrow and so I just won't eat as many the next day didn't do anything to appease her either.

1 comment:

Buddy Tignor said...

I would have never guessed a cupcake was missing...

you should have hid the wrapper!