Friday, February 09, 2007

Short Ice Skating Clip

Here's a short video (no musical score, and it's really short) of Quinn ice skating Tuesday that I think shows off how well he's doing. In it you can see him cruising along, gliding and turning while gliding (as well as using the wall to stop). Like I said yesterday, I'm amazed at how big a jump in terms of skill he made from the previous week to this week. It was like this week it just started to click with him.

And today Quinn visited a specialist for dealing with his eating problem. They seem to think there are some issues (of course, in my cynical view of the world, they would think there were issues, otherwise you wouldn't have to go back). I'll go into more details later about what they said. I still need to get it clarified from Ginger first though since I didn't completely understand everything when she explained it to me over the phone.

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