Saturday, February 17, 2007

Catherine's Birthday Celebration

Our street was finally "plowed" today. And by plowed I mean a truck drove around the cul de sac and dropped some dirt / chemicals. No actual plowing occurred. This was the first time a truck had been on our street though (only five days after the actual event). The reason for this (as Ginger learned and relayed to me) is that our county doesn't have a limit imposed on them for getting streets cleared within a specified time. So from that aspect, I suppose we're lucky a truck to came by at all.

I'm still amazed at how thick the ice is. I mean if you look that picture of the end of the driveway, you can't see any tire tracks from our house leaving, even though that's been driven over numerous times now. You can see some footprints from Wednesday, but that's about it, nothing since then has left a trail. The temperature did get almost up to the 40s today, so I suspect over the next couple of days this stuff may slowly melt away.

We had some family up today so that they could help celebrate Catherine's birthday. Hard to believe she's going to be four. Catherine got some pretty big presents (some of the boxes were bigger than her). This year we ended the practice of giving the other child a present also (in previous year's on Catherine's birthday Quinn would get a present and vice versa). So Quinn convinced Catherine that she needed to let him help open her presents (even though I opposed this idea, apparently I was the only one that felt that way and he ended up being allowed to help).

As for cakes, we had a two layer cake, some yellow cupcakes and some chocolate cupcakes. Evidently Catherine couldn't decide what type of cake she wanted, so Ginger gave her a large selection of choices.

And while Quinn was feeling a bit left out, he did create name tags for everyone's place at the table. And he got over feeling left out since he got to go back home with Grammy and Pop Pop to spend a couple days with them. I'm sure he'll be good and spoiled when he gets back. My guess is he'll be practically catatonic from playing video games the entire time he's there.

And let's close out with a couple more random snow shots.


Scott said...

Happy birthday, Catherine. Great first photo!

Barry said...

Any effects used on that first photo, like a soft focus on the edges. Seems to be a cloud-like effect in the bottom left corner. It is a very nice photo.

JamesF said...

Barry: Any effects used on that first photo, like a soft focus on the edges.

Good eye. I experimented with Picasa's soft focus effect.